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Photoacoustic Nanometrology

 10 aprile 2017 Photoacoustic Nanometrology

Lunedì 10 aprile 2017
Sala Riunioni, ore 11.00
Via dei Musei 41 - Brescia

Picosecond Laser Ultrasonics


Prof. Oliver WRIGHT
Laboratory of Applied Solid State Physics, Research Group of Quantum Matter Physics, Division of Applied Physics, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University


The aim of this lecture is to provide an introduction to picosecond laser ultrasonics, a means by which gigahertz-terahertz ultrasonic waves can be generated and detected by ultrashort light pulses. This method can be used to characterize materials with nanometer spatial resolution. With reference to key experiments, I review the main principles of this technique. Solids including metals and semiconductors are mainly discussed, although liquids are briefly mentioned.

Photoacoustic & Photothermal Techniques: Theory and Applications


Prof. Roberto LI VOTI
Dipartimento di Scienze di Base e Applicate per l'Ingegneria Sapienza Università di Roma


Photoacoustic and Photothermal Techniques have been applied since the beginnings for nondestructive testing of materials allowing to measure the thermal and optical properties of materials (thermal diffusivity, optical absorbance). In this seminar the basic principles are deeply discussed together with some relevant applications for NDE & NDT in the fields of microelectronics, photovoltaics, photonics and nano-optics, nanomechanics. Some recent activities in the environmental and agricultural fields will be also briefly reported.

Coordinano i lavori:

  • Dott. Francesco BANFI
    Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
  • Prof.ssa Laura DEPERO
    Università degli Studi di Brescia

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