Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Department of Psychology


In 1924, Father Agostino Gemelli created the Psychology Laboratory of Università Cattolica, defining it "the youngest in Italy".

The experimental research tradition has been continued by the Department of Psychology, founded by Father  Gemelli in 1958.

In its over 50 years of history, the Department has been active in promoting studies, research projects and interventions in several fields of Psychology, some of which pioneered by in Italy by the Department itself.

Currently the Department includes 17 full professors, 21 associate professors, 32 researchers, 7 research collaborators, 35 contract professors and 50 Ph.D. students.


The Department organizes the Colloquia Psychologica, a series of seminars given by international experts, and the International Summer School on Decisional Processes.
The Department also issues the Contributi di Psicologia, published by Vita e Pensiero.

The Department offers competences and skills developed in its research for implementing several services

Once a month, the Department issues a Newsletter, providing updates concerning the projects, seminars and other initiatives of the Department.