Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

What Makes a Crime-Terror Nexus? Evidence from 11 EU countries

 2 luglio 2019

2015 was the peak year of jihadism in Europe.
GLOBSEC, with ITSTIME responsible for the data collection in Italy, has put together a database of 350 individuals either arrested for terrorism offences, fugitives from justice, expellees for alleged terrorism association or attackers who died while staging or preparing terrorist attacks in that crucial year.
We looked into the potential criminal pasts of these individuals and, amongst others, also collected data on their radicalisation, foreign fighting experience, and financing of their activities etc. to establish commonalities or trends, and differences amongst the European jihadis.
With almost a hundred prior non-terrorist offenders amongst the 350 terrorists, we wanted to see how petty or severe their criminal offences had been and if there was a pathway from one mileu to another.
This study looks at individual cases from 11 EU countries and dissects specific parts of their lives to offer a closer look on the connections between the two worlds and how some individuals move back and forth between them.