Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Department of Education


The Department of Education of the UCSC promotes and coordinates intensive research activities within the Faculty of Educational Sciences in Milan, Brescia, and Piacenza, collaborating with national and international scholars and research centers. Its research mainly focuses on the following thematic areas: theory of education and social pedagogy; history of education and children's literature; didactics, education technology and special education; experimental education and educational research; teaching strategies and learning of physical and sport pedagogy. Departmental research in these areas is characterized by scientific methodology and by the centrality assigned to the "person" from a pedagogical perspective.


Full Professors

Prof. Francesco CASOLO

Prof. Luigi D'ALONZO      

Prof.ssa Carla Francesca GHIZZONI                  

Prof. Pierluigi MALAVASI                      

Prof. Luigi PATI  

Prof.sa Simonetta POLENGHI      

Prof. Pier Cesare RIVOLTELLA  

Prof.sa Milena SANTERINI     

Prof. Domenico SIMEONE        

Prof.sa Renata Maria VIGANO'  

Associate Professors

Prof.sa Monica AMADINI

Prof. Paolo Fioravanti  ARDIZZONE

Prof. Daniele BRUZZONE

Prof.sa Livia CADEI

Prof.sa Maria Teresa CAIRO

Prof.sa Sabrina FAVA

Prof.sa Simona FERRARI


Prof.sa Marisa MUSAIO

Prof. Pierpaolo TRIANI

Prof. Alessandra VISCHI

Research Fellows

Prof. Michele AGLIERI

Prof. Paolo ALFIERI

Prof.sa Cristina  BIRBES

Prof.ssa Alessandra CARENZIO

Prof. Ferdinando CEREDA

Prof.sa Alessandra GARGIULO LABRIOLA

Prof.sa Cristina LISIMBERTI

Prof.sa Silvia MAGGIOLINI

Prof.sa Elisabetta MUSI

Prof. Silvio PREMOLI

Prof.sa Elena ZANFRONI

Prof.sa Paola ZINI

Representative of untenured professors

Prof. Roberto FRANCHINI

Prof. Vittore Giuseppe MARIANI