Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Convegno RSA

Regional Studies Association Annual Conference 2015 - #RSAITALY2015

[Piacenza, 24th May, 2015 - 27th May, 2015]

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Elena Calegari
Enrico Fabrizi
Giovanni Guastella
Francesco Timpano

Reconsidering the Drivers of Territorial Innovation: New Evidence on the Spatial Knowledge Production Function in the EU Regions
[Prof. Francesco Timpano]

Fabrizi, Enrico
Trivisano, Carlo

Estimating the Gini concentration coefficient for the income distribution in small areas
[Prof. Enrico Fabrizi]

Rizzi, Paolo
Graziano, Paola
Dallara, Antonio

Competitiveness and Resilience in European Regions
[Prof. Paolo Rizzi - dott.ssa Paola Graziano]

Calegari, Elena
Van Ommeren, Jos

Spatial Analysis of Commuting Behaviour: Evidence for Italy
[Dott.ssa Elena Calegari]

Elena Calegari
Enrico Fabrizi
Giovanni Guastella
Francesco Timpano

Innovation and Spillovers in the EU Regions: A Spatial Econometric Analysis of Knowledge Production
[Dott. Giovanni Guastella]

Cortelezzi, Flavia
Barbieri, Laura
Bragoli, Daniela
Marseguerra, Giovanni

Public R&D Funding and Innovation Strategies. Evidence from Italy
[Dott.ssa Cortelezzi Flavia]

Dioli, Ilaria
Creativity, Place Identity, Music Tourism and Heritage: The Case of the Cultural District of the Province of Cremona
[Dott.ssa Ilaria Dioli]

Rossi, Simone
Barbieri, Laura
Borroni, Mariarosa
Piva, Mariacristina

Determinants of Bank Branches Presence in Local Areas: The Case of Italy
[Dott. Simone Rossi]

Baussola, Maurizio
Mussida, Chiara

Regional and Gender Differentials in the Persistence of Unemployment: Initial Conditions and Path Dependence
[Dott.ssa Chiara Mussida]

Rizzi, Paolo
Dallara, Antonio

The Role of Innovation in the Firms Performance: The South Italy Case
[Prof. Paolo Rizzi - Dott. Antonio Dallara]

Barabaschi, Barbara
Mussida, Chiara

Social Mobility in an Era of Growing Education: Territorial Perspectives
[Dott.ssa Barbara Barabaschi]

Cattivelli, Valentina
Rural areas between decline and economic recovery. A brief overview of economic, territorial and social situation of rural areas in Europe