Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore



Dal N. 104 al N. 111

111. Quality of Performance Measurement Systems of Intangibles and Goodwill Impairment Losses

Andrea Dossi - Laura Zoni, Dicembre 2015 (ISBN 978-88-343-3155-2)

110. Regional and Gender Differentials in the Persistence of Unemployment

Maurizio Baussola - Chiara Mussida, Dicembre 2015 (ISBN 978-88-343-3156-9)

109. Public Support to Innovation Strategies

Laura Barbieri - Daniela Bragoli - Flavia Cortelezzi - Giovanni Marseguerra, Dicembre 2015 (ISBN 978-88-343-3155-2)

108. Experience, Innovation and Productivity. Empirical Evidence from Italy’s Slowdown

Francesco Daveri - Maria Laura Parisi, Luglio 2015 (ISBN 978-88-343-3066-1)

107. Direct and indirect effects of disability on employment probabilities: a comparative analysis

Chiara Mussida - Dario Sciulli, Maggio 2015 (ISBN 978-88-343-2996-2)

106. Developing organizational resilience via international mobility: a conceptual framework

Franca Cantoni - Luca Giustiniano, Aprile 2015 (ISBN 978-88-343-2990-0)

105. Persistent Product Innovation and Market-oriented Behaviour: the Impact on Firms’ Performance

Eleonora Bartoloni - Maurizio Baussola, Marzo 2015 (ISBN 978-88-343-2983-2)

104. The Sovereign Debt Crisis in Europe: Impacts on Prices, Stability, Growth and Perspectives for Public Debt Sustainability

Angelo Federico Arcelli – Frank Sensenbrenner, Gennaio 2015, Serie Rossa, Economia