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Ecometrics (Environmental Monitoring and Assesments S.r.l.) is the first spin-off of the Catholic University of Sacred Heart in Brescia and now is an advice and research company in the environmental field. It is the result of the synergy between the researchers of the Department of Mathematics and Physics and the CRASL (research center for the environment and sustainable development).

In this contest is born the idea to exploit the knowledge grown within the University to create a company which operate on the market at a national level.

Ecometrics is the result of the fruitful cooperation between the research group of the president Giacomo Gerosa (researcher at the Department of Mathematics and Physics in Brescia) and the CRASL. 

For example, the work of the research group of G. Gerosa is mainly devoted to monitoring and modeling of pollution diffusion with an approach oriented on the study of its effects on the man and ecosystems at different levels of biological organization.

The work of the CRASL is instead mainly oriented toward the environmental communication and planning activity finalized to a sustainable managing of natural resources.

The merge of the two skills makes this spin-off an optimal solution for facing the complexity which features the research in the environmental field.

The four main area covered by the Ecometrics activities are:

1.    Monitoring activity 

It consists in the measurements (with certified analytical instruments) of the levels of the atmospheric, acoustic and electromagnetic pollutants. The task is to monitor the meteo-climatic parameters for the study of the distribution and fall back of the pollutants produced from the entropic activities. The monitoring activities dedicated to the air quality can be done with the support of the mobile laboratory appositely equipped.

2.    The territory

Belong to this area the advising activities performed with the software G.I.S. (Geographic(al) Information System) for the support of  the territorial planning on local and regional scale. In particular, we do environmental and territorial georeferenced data analysis inserting on the geographic maps informations about economy, social activities and environment. Using this software we are able to analyze the behavior of the different sectors highlighting for each zone what is the current situation and to simulate the future scenarios which can arise from new political choices.    

Currently the 80-90% of projects about territorial and environmental analysis require a gereferenced part. Ultimately, the skills of the members : data management, modeling and simulations, knowledge of the G.I.S. software, etc… allow to increase the value of the services about territory. For these reasons, Ecometrics can be considered one of the most innovative company in the italian landscape. 

3.        Environmental consulting  

Belong to this area the following services a) reporting about sustainability for public or private entities. b) management of the process for the environmental strategy evaluation (V.I.S.) of services (energy planning, rubbish and recycling). c) Studies on the environmental impact (V.I.A.) of structures and infrastructures. d) Economic end environmental analysis for feasibility studies of projects about activities with an high environmental impact. e) management of "active participation" processes involving stakeolder.

4.         Energy

Energy audit services for public and private entities, supported by a teaching activity (made by experts of diagnostic analysis), for residential and public buildings. We analyze the energetic balances of such structures and we propose performance indicators and optimization mechanisms about the resources usage.    

Ecometrics is now working on the strategic environmental evaluation of the plan for the waste management of the region Umbria and on some projects related to the environmental impact for the Province of Brescia.

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