Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


The aim of the Electronic Laboratorie is to provide support to the research laboratories.

This laboratory specifically deals of specific reparations of tools and equipment that is not covered by warranty, and to develop new equipments according to the needs of the researchers.

A large number of tools have been constructed to implement new methods of research, especially for Environmental Physics. Even for the teaching activities numerous equipments have been built.

The Laboratory activities is also dedicated to the development of new softwares, both in LabVIEW and with specific languages ​​for different microprocessors.

In collaboration with the CRASL, a tool for the analysis of the particles containing asbestos, has been designed and built.

This software is written in LabVIEW language and is based on a method for the acquisition and processing of the images.

The Laboratory also works on the behalf of Industries, who stipulate contracts of expert advising with the University.