Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Laboratory of Surface Physics and Spectroscopy



Prof. Luigi Sangaletti




The laboratory is dedicated to the study of the electronic properties of surfaces, interfaces and heterostructures with photoemission spectroscopy techniques based on X-ray tubes and on synchrotron radiation.


These techniques are applied to magnetic semiconductors and oxides, thin layers of biomolecules and nanostructured architectures based on carbon nanotubes. The experimental research activities is supported by the calculation of the electronic, magnetic and optical properties through ab-initio codes based on density functional theory .


Over the years the laboratory has developed competence in the following fields: 

  • chemical-physical analysis of surfaces , interfaces, heterostructures and nanostructured materials.
  • design and development of systems for the chemical-physical analysis operating in ultra-high vacuum.
  • deposition of metal thin layers, coating and interfaces with PVD (RF sputtering, evaporation induced by electron bombardment).
  • development of measurement systems of the transport properties in devices exposed to electromagnetic radiation or to oxidizing/reducing gas flows.
  • measurement systems of the optical and magneto-optical properties. 


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Surface Science and Spectroscopy Lab