Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Ultrafast LaboratorY for innovative SpectroscopiES (ULYSSES)

Contacts: Dr. Gabriele Ferrini, Dr. Francesco Banfi, Dr. Claudio Giannetti)


In this research laboratory we develop advanced time-resolved optical spectroscopies for a variety of applications ranging from acoustics and thermodynamics at the nanoscale to non-equilibrium superconductivity and molecular dynamics of biological systems. The lab is equipped with experimental setups at the cutting edge of ultrafast technology. The lab is open to collaborations with international research institutions and offers a variety of Bachelor, Master and PhD Thesis within the current research projects. The main equipment is:

  • Ultrafast lasers delivering femtosecond light pulses at tunable wavelength and repetition rate
  • Cryogenics for low-temperature experiments
  • Optical spectrometers and spectrum analyzers
  • Electromagnets for experiments in magnetic fields up to 1.2 T


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