Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Visiting Professors

Prof. David Goldbaum
UTS Sydney

Visiting dal 13 Settembre al 30 Ottobre 2023

Docente di riferimento:  Davide Radi

Interessi di ricerca: David Goldbaum has been a professor at the School of Economics at UTS Sydney since 2007. He received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1996. His research interests include economic models with learning and adaptation, financial markets, information, and rational choice. His most recent research examines social network formation and the emergence of leaders as a social phenomenon.

Pagina personale: https://profiles.uts.edu.au/David.Goldbaum


Prof. Anastasiia Panchuk
Institute of Mathematics (National Academy of Sciences) of Ukraine

Visiting dal 17 Ottobre al 20 Novembre 2023

Docente di riferimento:  Davide Radi

Insegnamenti in UCSC: Mathematics for Management (second part) – LM in Management

Interessi di ricerca:  Anastasiia Panchuk is Senior Scientific Researcher at the Institute of Mathematics (National Academy of Sciences) of Ukraine. She studies difference equations. Her research is focused on numerical methods and analytical techniques for the study of local and global bifurcations in smooth and piecewise smooth dynamical systems.

Pagina personale: https://www.imath.kiev.ua/people/profile.php?pid=154&lang=enn


Prof. Łukasz Piasecki
Instytut Matematyki    Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej     Lublin, Poland

Visiting  da metà ottobre  a metà novembre 2023

Docente di riferimento:  Enrico Miglierina

Insegnamenti in UCSC: Mathematics (gr. A-K) 20 ore – LT in Economics and Management

Interessi di ricerca: Functional Analysis, Geometry of Banach space, Fixed point for non expansive maps

Pagina personale:  https://www.umcs.pl/pl/addres-book-employee,2136,pl.html


Prof. Malgorzata Guzowska
Institute of Ekonomics and Finance 

Visiting dal 23 Ottobre al 27 Ottobre 2023 

Docente di riferimento:  Davide Radi 

Interessi di ricerca: She is a graduate of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Szczecin. She currently works in the Department of Econometrics and Statistics at the Institute of Economics and Finance, US. She is also a member of the UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Social Development at the US.
She has also worked as an expert for: Ministry of Finance, The World Bank, Chancellery of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Polish Academy of Sciences and the Supreme Chamber of Control.
Her scientific interests include: Discrete and Continous Dynamical Systems, Difference, and Differential Equations and their Applications in Economics, Stochastic Difference Equations, Numerical Methods in Economics, Demographic and Socio-economic Analysis, Efficiency and Productivity Analysis in Public Sector, Evolutionary Game Theory, Behavioral Economics. 

Pagina personale: http://pracownik.usz.edu.pl/mguzowska/malgorzata-guzowska-ph-d/ 


Dr Michel Dacorogna
Prime Re Solutions – University of Zurich

Visiting dal 12 febbraio al 15 marzo 2024

Docenti di riferimento:  Nino Savelli e Gian Paolo Clemente

Insegnamenti in UCSC: Quantitative Risk Management – Master in Actuarial Science

Interessi di ricerca: Michel Dacorogna is partner at Prime Re Solutions, a company advising financial institutions on actuarial and economic matters. He conducts research in the field of insurance mathematics, capital management and risks in particular cyber-risk and risk measures. He teaches in many universities including University of Zurich, Ca’ Foscari, ESSEC Business School.