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Conference Centre and University Campus

Modern and functional, designed specifically for national and international events, the Convention Centre of the University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore has a convenient location close to major highways, making it easily accessible by car and by public transport.

Located on the Piacenza Campus, the Conference Centre is professionally arranged for successful conferences, for hosting conventions, meetings, workshops, seminars etc. The Center is elegantly structured and able to provide logistical and technological support for every type of event and has ample car parking areas.

The Conference Centre has two multifunctional rooms an Auditorium, which seats 390, and a Conference Hall with 129 seats, both of which can be adapted to specific needs to host events of various kinds: cultural, social, economic, etc...

Both rooms are equipped with the latest audiovisual systems including speaker stations with an illuminated podium, giant screens, wireless microphones and are connected with TV.

Conference location

Piacenza is located in the Po Valley, 60 km south of Milan and 120 km from Bologna. Its geographical position, at the junction between Lombardy, Liguria and Emilia, has always determined its strategic, military and, more recently, commercial function and role, making it an important motorway and railway node. Leonardo Da Vinci, in his Atlantic Code, wrote: “Piacenza è terra di passo” (“Piacenza is a crossingpoint”).
Roman colony first and important medieval center afterward, the city of Piacenza, built on the right bank of the river Po and embraced by the Apennines hills and mountains, has always been an ideal stop for the travels of princes and pilgrims, crusaders and templar knights, traders and artists, who left their mark behind.
Piacenza is a city of art and takes pride in a remarkable artistic Roman, medieval and Renaissance heritage, the product of its millennial history: museums, churches, Palazzos, can be discovered walking
around the city, but looking up the visitor will realize that even the surrounding hills are full of wonders,
splendid mansions, elegant castles and peculiar medieval villages, places where art and culture meet the food and wine tradition.
Thanks to its favorable location, the activities of many logistics firms are based here. Also important is the presence of metalworking and fittings-related petrochemical industries. Agriculture can boast high standards of quality in milk products, viticulture, and large-scale tomato processing.

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