Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Extreme weather and climate risk analysis

 24 novembre 2021


  • Dott. Chahan KROPF, ETH Zurich

Societal impacts from natural disasters have steadily increased over the last decades and are expected to follow the same path under climatic and socio-economic changes. It is thus imperative to adapt our societies to this increasing risk. In order for decision makers to make informed choices, models that can do risk assessment and adaptation option appraisal are needed. In this talk, I will present you how the open-source and open-access Python tool CLIMADA developed in the WCR-group at ETHZ tackles this challenge. In particular, we shall discuss how to model natural hazards (physics), exposures (data science) and vulnerability (social science). Finally, we will discuss how to include uncertainties and what are the challenges in communicating the model outputs to other actors in the whole Disaster Risk Management cycle.

Sala Riunioni S5, ore 14:30 Via Garzetta 48, Brescia