Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Environmental economic and sustainable development

(Jacob Bonan - Maria Chiesa - Giovanni Guastella - Stafano Pareglio - Maria Luisa Venuta)

The objective of the research activity is to identify, apply and test

methodologies and tools useful for the analysis, evaluation, management,

governance and communication on issues related to environment, energy

and sustainable development.

The recipients of the researches are, alongside the research community,

the organizations (local authorities and firms) responsible for plans/

programmes/policies characterized by a substantial incidence on the

environmental and on the communities’ welfare – and, more in general, on

the sustainability of development.

Main skills acquired in recent years through research activities conducted

in partnership with private and public subjects relate to some primary


- GIS-based territorial analysis,

- Econometric analysis of territorial transformation,

- Monetary valuation of goods, services and environmental externalities,

- Socio-economic and environmental impact analysis,

- Decision-support instruments (cost-benefit analysis, cost effectiveness

analysis, multi-criteria analysis),

- Instruments for land planning (in particular ex ante environmental

evaluation of plans, programs and policy initiatives: VAS, VIA, VincA),

- Economic and environmental impact analysis of renewable energies,

energy saving and energy efficiency,

- Life cycle analysis, environmental and resource accountability,

environmental certification and registration (ISO 14001 – EMAS),

environmental labelling,

- Access to energy, energy poverty.


  • environmental and energy economics/policy
  • substainable development
  • monetary valuation of natural resources
  • envirnmental impact evaluation


National and International Collaborations

  • Human Development, Capability and Poverty International Research Centre (HDCP-IRC);
  • FEEM Fondazione ENI Enrico Mattei;
  • Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica.

Progetti in corso

  • PRIN 2004-2005 - Ecogestione del territorio: strumenti e procedure partecipati per lo sviluppo di audit della sostenibilità a livello locale;
  • PRIN 2006-2007 - Efficienza energetica e ambientale nella trasformazione sostenibile dei sistemi insediativi

Principali pubblicazioni