Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


  1. Registration and subscription payment at the conference must be made by all the authors of a paper?
    Only people who will attend the conference should be registered. If a paper has been presented by 2 authors and both will attend the conference, both have to be registered. If a paper has been presented by 2 authors, but only 1 will be at the conference, only this one has to be registered.
  2. As regards this point: **Conference waiver for the first 5 (five) Ph.D. candidates with limited or no institutional support who will apply for before 1st of May, on “first come first served” basis** - which are the necessary steps?
    - First, the registration must be completed (with the payment) - “Registration”  or “Registration + Conference Dinner”
    - Then you have to produce a self-declaration in which you explain to be without PhD fellowship (and specify if you are an ESA member). In particular, you must write a detailed email about your position (where are you attending the PhD, in which discipline, which year...). This email should be sent to esa2016milan@gmail.com and also elisa.ballerini@unicatt.it
    - As already specified in the call for papers, the selection will be on "first come first served” basis (registration order).
    - The first 5 PhD will be refunded (only registration). Travel, accommodation and the Conference Dinner are responsibility of the participants.
  3. Must be sent the full paper before the conference?
    NO. We don’t need the full paper pdf before the conference. If you want, you can bring some copies to distribute during the session.
  4. Must be sent a ppt before the conference?
    NO. During the conference there will be a computer in each room. In order for you to enjoy good presentation conditions, we ask you to present yourself at your session room at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session and upload your slides on the computer in the room. Please copy your presentations into the folder designated for your session on the desktop of the computer. Should you allow it, your slides will be collected and accessible for a wider public on the Conference website.
  5. Where and when can I send my poster?
    Who wants to send the poster, with or without participating in the conference, has to send it between the 22nd August and 9th September 2016, to Doct. Ballerini Elisa, Formazione Permanente, Via Carducci 30 (2nd floor), 20123 Milan, Italy.