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Quantum field theories and holography

Group members

Nicolò Zenoni, Dr. Roberto AuzziProf. Giuseppe Nardelli


  • AdS/CFT correspondence. The AdS/CFT correspondence is an equivalence between quantum gravity in curved spacetimes (with negative curvature) and conformal field theories defined on the boundary of spacetime. It gives a controlled framework to investigate the relation between quantum information, gravity and black holes. Our recent interests focus on geometric duals of quantum complexity, and their applications to Black Holes.
  • Supersymmetry. Supersymmetry is a symmetry which rotates bosons into fermions, which permits to construct quantum field theories with good ultraviolet behavior and which is an interesting candidate to describe fundamental physics beyond the Standard Model. It gives also interesting examples of exact solutions in strongly coupled Quantum Field Theories. Our recent interests include non-relativistic versions of supersymmetry, which might be realised in condensed matter systems.
  • Trace anomalies, RG flows. Trace anomaly is a characterization of quantum violations to classical scale invariance. It is an important tool to investigate renormalization group flows of strongly coupled theories. Our interests focus in their application to Quantum Field Theory, both in the relativistic and non-relativistic cases.
  • Topological Solitons. Topological solitons are important excitations in several physical systems, including non-abelian gauge theories and superconductors. They play a crucial role in strongly coupled physics, such as quark confinement. Our interests focus on the non-abelian string, which is a vortex defect on which internal orientational modes are localised.

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