Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

History of economic thought

Our research activity revolves around the following fields:

  1. The relationship between economic theories and macroeconomic policies during the twentieth century (both in Italy and the United States). Particular attention is given to monetary policy, fiscal policy and international monetary relations.
  2. Economic thought and the history of the Italian Catholic social movement placing emphasis on Twentieth century economists and politicians.
  3. History of the Italian banking system: history credit institutions, banking associations and banking culture.     
  4. Economic theory and social legislation in Europe from the Middle Ages to the present-day.

Courses delivered by the members of the Het Group:


  • History of Economic Thought (BA)(Sebastiano Nerozzi),
  • History of Advanced Economic Thought (MS) (Sebastiano Nerozzi and Daniela Parisi);
  • Business History (MS) (Sebastiano Nerozzi);
  • History and theory of firms and markets (Master's Degree in Philosophical Competences for Economic Decisions– Sebastiano Nerozzi).
  • Economic History Lab (Bachelor's Degree – Cosma Orsi)

HET scholars and researchers collaborate with the Association Francesca Duchini for the study of economic thought, established at the Catholic University of Sacred Hearth.

The Association organizes work-shops (From the great crisis to the economic miracle: Francesco Vito and the economy of the twentieth century, April 6, 2018; Marx2Day, Bicentennial Conference, May 2-3, 2018) and cycles of seminars for students: Ethics and Economics in the History of Economic Thought (March-May 2017), Business and Social Innovation in the History of Thought (March-May 2018), Women's Economics: Women and Gender Issues in the History of Economic Thought (March-May 2019).

Main Publications (2016-2019)

  • S. Nerozzi, (2019) “Dopo lo schema Vanoni. Economia e linee di politica economica in Nicola Pistelli” in Conticelli G., Matulli G., Rossi, M.G. (eds.), Nicola Pistelli. Un leader della sinistra democristiana tra cultura e politica (1929-1964), Roma, Viella: 56-94.
  • P.F. Asso, S. Nerozzi, (2018) “Preserving Financial Stability in Times of Crisis. A Tale of Two Public Banks: Monte dei Paschi di Siena and Banco di Sicilia, 1929-1940”, The Journal of European Economic History: 9-39.
  • P.F. Asso, S. Nerozzi, (2017) “L’Istituto di Credito di Diritto Pubblico, 1926-91”, in P.F. Asso (ed.), Storia del Banco di Sicilia, Donzelli, Roma.
  • P.F. Asso, S. Nerozzi, (2016) Il Monte dei Paschi nel Novecento, Il Monte dei Paschi nel Novecento: storia di una banca pubblica, Donzelli, Roma.
  • E. Bellino, S. Nerozzi, (2017) Causality and interdependence in Pasinetti’s works and in the modern classical approach, Cambridge Journal of Economics.
  • L. Fiorito, S. Nerozzi, (2018) Chicago Economics in the Making, 1926-1940. A further look at US Interwar Pluralism, in Robert Leeson (ed.), Archival insights into the evolution of economics. Hayek a Collaborative Biography Part X, Palgrave MacMillan, New York.
  • A. Pavarin, (2017) Paolo Emilio Taviani. La formazione e i primi studi economici (1930-1943), Apes, Roma.
  • D. Parisi, (2016) La dimensione etica del lavoro dell’economista, in Cultura, Etica, Finanza per un’economia a servizio dell’uomo. Scritti in onore di Angelo Caloja, Vita e Pensiero.
  • D. Parisi, O. Bjerkholt, (2015) Glimpses of Henry Schultz in Mussolini’s Italy 1934, History of Economic Thought and Policy.
  • C. Orsi, (2019) Socialism e Welfare nel XIX Secolo, in L. Mocarelli - S. Nerozzi, Karl Marx fra storia, interpretazione e attualità, Nerbini, Firenze.
  • C. Orsi, (2019) Economic Thought and Social Institution in Eighteenth Century England, Research in the History of economic Thought and Methodology.
  • C. Orsi, (2018) Alle origini del reddito di cittadinanza: Teorie economiche e Welfare State dal XVI scolo ad oggi, Nerbini, Firenze.
  • C. Orsi, (2018) Power and Poverty. Social Legislation in the Years of Adam Smith, in Mosca M. Power in Economic Thought, Routledge
  • C. Orsi, (2017) The Political Economy of Inclusion. The Rise and Fall of the Workhouse System, Journal of the History of Economic Thought.
  • L. Fiorito, C. Orsi, (2017) Survival Value and a Robust, Practical, Joyless Individualism: Thomas Nixon Carver on Social Justice and Eugenics, in History of Political Economy.