Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Health Economics

The health economics unit of the Department of Economics and Finance is mainly based in the Rome campus, but shares several connections, in terms of joint research projects, with other Department’s members  based in Milan.
Research conducted by members of this area is mainly empirical and focuses on different topics in health economics and health policy evaluation, with several intersections with respect to regional economics, public finance, political economy and microeconomics.
One relevant field of research is the evaluation of productivity and efficiency of health care services, with particular focus on the use of inappropriate treatments (e.g., C-sections), the role of market incentives, the effects of fiscal decentralization on well-being, and the analysis of technology diffusion and medical staff productivity.
Two other streams of research are connected to ongoing strategic projects in which the Department of Economics and Finance is involved, and are relative to evidence-based policies on  the socioeconomic effects of migration, and on health and income inequalities.   

Among the research contributions of Department’s members in this area are:

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