Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


EAAE Seminar 175 - The wind of change of sustainability standard
15-20 May - Palazzo Feltrinelli Università degli Studi di Milano - Gargnao, Garda Lake (Italy)

The objective of the seminar is to improve the understanding of the “wind of change” of sustainability standards and their effects on bio-based value chains. The seminar focuses on public and private sustainability standards. Both drivers and implications of their emergence are of interest, with emphasis on the economic, governance and policy perspectives. Emphasis is both on theoretical and empirical applications.

UCSC coordinator: prof. Claudio Soregaroli

Local food products: just tradition or a modern tool for sustainable development?

September 8, 2015 - Università Cattolica del S. Cuore, Piacenza (Italy)
First International conference of the Food Origin and Identity network