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Data quality, Health economics, Economic inequality, Microeconomic studies

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Data quality 

G. Alleva, G. Arbia, P. Falorsi ,V. Nardelli and A. Zuliani (2021) A sample approach to the estimation of the critical parameters of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemics: an operational design (with), Journal of Official Statistics, 2021 (IF=0.92) Class A.

Health economics

G. Arbia, Francesca Bassi and Piero Demetrio Falorsi (2021) Observed and estimated prevalence of Covid-19 in Italy: Is it possible to estimate the total cases from medical swabs data?, Science of the total environment, Volume 764, 10 April 2021, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2020.142799

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G. Arbia, Moscone, F., Santos, R. and Tosetti, E. (2018) The spatial dimension of health systems, entry of the Encyclopedia of big data (with) Laurie A. Schintler and Connie L. McNeely (eds.) Springer Verlag, 2018 


G. Arbia and M. L. Pace (2018) Testing inequality of opportunity in Italy within the ANOVA framework Empirical Economics, 55, 1, 297-322. 

G. Arbia (2022) Income Inequality, Redistribution and Economic Growth : Statistical Measures and Empirical Evidences, Springerbrief in economics, Springer-Verlag 

Microeconomic studies

G. Arbia Espa, G. and Giuliani, D. (2021) Spatial microeconometrics, Routledge ISBN 9781138833753.

G. Arbia M. M. Dickson, R. Gabriele, D. Giuliani and F. Santi (2021) On the spatial determinants of firm growth: a micro-level analysis of the Italian SMEs, Spatial Economics, S. Colombo editor, Palgrave. Spatial Economics Volume II, 89-120.